Bluetooth (Windows CE 5.0)

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Bluetooth is a wireless communication technology that allows devices, within a 10-meter proximity, to communicate with each other. The discovery process enables devices to query other devices about the services they offer. If a device offers more than one service, the user can select the service they want to use from that particular device.

In This Section

  • Bluetooth OS Design Development
    Provides information about the Bluetooth Protocol Stack and the extension layer, components and modules that implement Bluetooth functionalities, and Sysgen variables that enable these functionalities.
  • Bluetooth Application Development
    Provides information about creating Bluetooth applications by using Winsock interfaces.
  • Bluetooth Registry Settings
    Provides information about the registry settings that enable and configure Bluetooth functionality in your OS design.
  • Bluetooth Security
    Describes security and best practices information for Bluetooth functionalities.
  • Bluetooth Performance Best Practices
    Describes best practices for increasing the performance of the Bluetooth stack.
  • Bluetooth Migration
    Provides information about the changes in Bluetooth support that you need to know when migrating from one version of Windows CE to another.
  • Bluetooth Samples
    Describes sample code that provides a base for implementing the Bluetooth technology.
  • Bluetooth Reference
    Provides reference information about the programming elements that are available for use in Windows CE-based applications.
  • Object Exchange Protocol
    Provides information about the Object Exchange Protocol (OBEX) technology support in Microsoft® Windows® CE.

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