FTP Server (Windows CE 5.0)

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The FTP Server implementation in Microsoft® Windows® CE can copy files to and from remote computer systems over a network using TCP/IP. The source code is provided to you as is, so that you can customize the implementation for your specific requirements.

In This Section

  • FTP Server OS Design Development
    Provides information about FTP Server support that is helpful when designing and developing a Windows CE OS. This includes dependency information, the modules and components that implement FTP Server, and FTP Server implementation considerations.
  • FTP Server Application Development
    Provides detailed information about the FTP Server implementation in Windows CE. Describes how to access the FTP protocol, create virtual FTP directories, and assign user-specific permissions.
  • FTP Server Registry Settings
    Provides a list of the configurable registry settings for FTP Server.
  • FTP Server Security
    Provides security information for FTP Server and security best practices.
  • FTP Server Migration
    Provides information that is important to know if you are migrating from one version of Windows CE to another.
  • FTP Server Samples
    Provides sample-related information for FTP Server.
  • Servers
    Provides a list of the servers and services that are supported in Windows CE.

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