Bluetooth Stack Status (Windows CE 5.0)

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During boot time, the Bluetooth Protocol Stack takes time to fully load and initialize. You can check the initialization status of the Bluetooth stack by using the symbolic define BTH_NAMEDEVENT_STACK_INITED, defined in %_WINCEROOT%\Public\Common\Sdk\Inc\Bt_api.h. To open this named event, use the OpenEvent function. and is used to open a named event.

The following example code how to open the named event, BTH_NAMEDEVENT_STACK_INITED, to check the status of the Bluetooth stack.

// Make sure BT stack is up
BOOL fStackUp = FALSE;
for (int i = 0 ; i < 100 ; ++i) 
  if (hBthStackInited) 
    DWORD dwRes = WaitForSingleObject (hBthStackInited, INFINITE);
    CloseHandle (hBthStackInited);
    if (WAIT_OBJECT_0 == dwRes) 
      fStackUp = TRUE;
  Sleep (1000);
if (! fStackUp) 
  // Perform error handling.

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