Code Pages (Windows CE 5.0)

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A code page is a translation table that the Windows CE OS uses to enable conversions from ANSI to Unicode. By default, the Windows CE OS enables code page support based on the locales that are built into the run-time image. Each installed locale has exactly one ANSI-supported code page and one OEM–supported code page. When Windows CE changes a locale, it also changes the default ANSI and OEM code pages to match the new locale. Windows CE associates code pages with a given locale based on the code pages that are available in your system. In some circumstances, the default set of code pages may not provide all of the required support. You can add additional code pages to an OS design for additional support, but you cannot download code pages to a target device.

The following table shows the code pages supported by Windows CE.

Code page ANSI, OEM or other standards Description
437 OEM Microsoft® MS-DOS® United States
708 OEM Arabic (ASMO 708)
709 OEM Arabic (ASMO 449+, BCON V4)
710 OEM Arabic (Transparent Arabic)
720 OEM Arabic (Transparent ASMO)
737 OEM Greek (OEM 437G)
775 OEM Baltic
850 OEM MS-DOS Multilingual (Latin I)
852 OEM MS-DOS (Latin II)
855 OEM IBM Cyrillic (primarily Russian)
857 OEM IBM Turkish
858 OEM MS-DOS Multilingual (Latin I + Euro)
860 OEM MS-DOS Portuguese
861 OEM MS-DOS Icelandic
862 OEM Hebrew
863 OEM MS-DOS Canadian-French
864 OEM Arabic
865 OEM MS-DOS Nordic
866 OEM MS-DOS Russian
869 OEM MS-DOS Modern Greek
874 ANSI & OEM Thai
932 ANSI & OEM Japanese Shift-JIS
936 ANSI & OEM ANSI & OEM Chinese: PRC; Macau SAR, PRC; Singapore (Simplified GBK)
949 ANSI & OEM Korean
950 ANSI & OEM ANSI & OEM Chinese: Taiwan; Hong Kong SAR, PRC (Traditional Big5)
1200 ANSI Unicode (BMP of ISO 10646)
1250 ANSI Microsoft® Windows® 3.1 Central European
1251 ANSI Windows 3.1 Cyrillic
1252 ANSI Windows 3.1 US
1253 ANSI Windows 3.1 Greek
1254 ANSI Windows 3.1 Turkish
1255 ANSI Hebrew
1256 ANSI Arabic
1257 ANSI Baltic
1258 ANSI & OEM Vietnamese
1361 ANSI & OEM Korean (Johab)
20000 OTHER CNS - Taiwan
20001 OTHER TCA - Taiwan
20002 OTHER E-Ten - Taiwan
20003 OTHER IBM5550 - Taiwan
20004 OTHER TeleText - Taiwan
20005 OTHER Wang - Taiwan
20261 OTHER T.61
20269 ISO ISO-6937
20866 OTHER Ukrainian - KOI8-U
21027 OTHER Ext Alpha Lowercase
21866 OTHER Ukranian - KOI8
28591 ISO ISO 8859-1 Latin I
28592 ISO ISO 8859-2 Eastern Europe
28593 ISO ISO 8859-3 Turkish
28594 ISO ISO 8859-4 Baltic
28595 ISO ISO 8859-5 Cyrillic
28596 ISO ISO 8859-6 Arabic
28597 ISO ISO 8859-7 Greek
28598 ISO ISO 8859-8 Hebrew
28599 ISO ISO 8859-9 Latin Alphabet No.5
29001 OTHER Europa 3

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