Supported Board Support Packages

Microsoft® Platform Builder provides BSPs for ten SDBs that are readily available for purchase in the industry. These BSPs, shown in the following tables, cover the full range of supported microprocessors in Windows CE .NET and enable you to quickly evaluate various OS features on your platform and reduce your time to market.

For information about the sample BSPs included provided in Platform Builder, see the following topics:

A number of third-party BSPs are also available for different versions of Windows CE. For more information, see this Microsoft Web site.

Microsoft recommends that you follow the directions for each BSP. These BSPs are integrated into the integrated development environment (IDE) so you can choose them when you create a new project. For information about creating and using one of these BSPs with your platform, see the specific topic for that BSP. If you are creating your own BSP for your own SDB or a custom hardware platform, see How to Create a Board Support Package.

Hardware Restrictions and Limitations for all Supported BSPs

  • In Windows CE .NET, several of the development boards have performance and PCI issues that will have an effect on multimedia feature tests. For example, not all platforms can play all media streaming bit rates.

    You will need a PCI card to test the DVD, TVIA 5000 based DirectDraw, and Permedia3 based Direct3D features. Some of the PCI issues are summarized below; refer to the documentation and release notes for each development board for more information.

    • Hitachi SH4 Aspen SDB — No PCI bus mastering support in hardware
    • Hitachi SH3 Keywest SDB — PCI bus mastering support issues
    • NEC Vr4122 (Eagle) SDB — PCI extender card issues
  • Because many of the supported SDBs only contain a limited number of PCI slots on board, use a PCI-to-PCI bridge or extender card to do extensive multimedia testing. When you use a PCI extender, some PCI cards do not work on some of the development boards.

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