MAKELCID (Windows CE 5.0)

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This macro creates a locale identifier from a language identifier.



  • wLanguageID
    Value that specifies the language identifier. This parameter is a combination of a primary language identifier and a secondary language identifier and is usually created by using the MAKELANGID macro.
  • wSortID
    Sort identifier. The following table shows the defined sort identifiers.
    Value Description
    SORT_DEFAULT Specifies the default sort.
    SORT_JAPANESE_XJIS Specifies Japanese XJIS order.
    SORT_JAPANESE_UNICODE Specifies Japanese Unicode order.
    SORT_CHINESE_BIG5 Specifies Chinese BIG5 order.
    SORT_CHINESE_UNICODE Specifies Chinese Unicode order.
    SORT_KOREAN_KSC Specifies Korean KSC order.
    SORT_KOREAN_UNICODE Specifies Korean Unicode order.

Return Values

The return value is a locale identifier.


The MAKELCID macro is defined as follows:

#define MAKELCID(lgid, srtid)  \ 
    ((DWORD)((((DWORD)((WORD  )(srtid))) << 16) |  \ 
            ((DWORD)((WORD  )(lgid))))) 

For more information about language identifiers and locales, see Language Identifiers and Locales.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.0 and later.
Header: Winnt.h.

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