Simple Network Management Protocol

Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET supports the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP), which is the Internet Standard protocol for network management and part of the TCP/IP protocol suite. SNMP was developed by the Internet community to monitor and manage networks.

SNMP uses a distributed architecture that consists of managers and agents:

  • The SNMP agent is an SNMP application that monitors network traffic and responds to queries from SNMP manager applications. The agent also notifies the manager when significant events occur by sending a trap.
  • An SNMP manager is an SNMP application that generates queries to SNMP-agent applications and receives traps from SNMP-agent applications.

Windows CE supports the SNMP-agent capability. The SNMP-agent application resides in the Windows CE–based device.

The following illustration shows the SNMP architecture supported in Windows CE.

The SNMP-agent support that is provided by Windows CE consists of a master agent or SNMP service, and one or more extension agents. The master agent receives requests from the manager, decodes them, and delivers them to an extension agent by invoking the appropriate extension-agent dynamic-link library (DLL). To retrieve the information that is requested, the extension agent implements the appropriate Management Information Base (MIB) that contains the definitions of a set of managed objects that are supported by the extension agent.

Windows CE supports SNMP extension-agent and utility application programming interfaces (APIs). The SNMP extension-agent API functions define the interface between the SNMP service and SNMP extension-agent DLLs. The SNMP utility API functions facilitate memory management and simplify manipulation of SNMP data structures.

When implementing SNMP in a network environment, you need to install an SNMP agent on each computer on the network. You should install the SNMP manager on the computers that monitor the network. After installing the nodes, you need to configure the SNMP manager and agent.

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