Clipboards Functions (Windows CE 5.0)

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The following table shows the clipboard functions, with a description of the purpose of each.

Programming element Description
CloseClipboard This function closes the clipboard.
CountClipboardFormats This function retrieves the number of different data formats currently on the clipboard.
EmptyClipboard This function empties the clipboard and frees handles to data in the clipboard.
EnumClipboardFormats This function lets you enumerate the data formats that are currently available on the clipboard.
GetClipboardData This function retrieves data from the clipboard in a specified format.
GetClipboardDataAlloc This function retrieves data from the clipboard in the specified format.
GetClipboardFormatName This function retrieves from the clipboard the name of the specified registered format.
GetClipboardOwner This function retrieves the window handle to the current owner of the clipboard.
GetOpenClipboardWindow This function retrieves the handle to the window that currently has the clipboard open.
GetPriorityClipboardFormat This function returns the first available clipboard format in the specified list.
IsClipboardFormatAvailable This function determines whether the clipboard contains data in the specified format.
OpenClipboard This function opens the clipboard for examination and prevents other applications from modifying the clipboard content.
RegisterClipboardFormat This function registers a new clipboard format. This format can then be used as a valid clipboard format.
SetClipboardData This function places data on the clipboard in a specified clipboard format.

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