This element specifies a marker at which the Windows Media Player control will stop rendering the stream.

  NUMBER="marker number"
  NAME="marker name"


    The number of a numeric marker in the index. The default value is the end of the content.
  • NAME
    The name of a named marker in the index. The default value is the end of the content.

Parent/Child Information

Hierarchy Allowed element
Parent elements ENTRY, REF
Child elements None


This element specifies the marker where the WMP control is to stop rendering the stream defined in the parent ENTRY or REF element.

Note   The ENDMARKER element should have a value for either the NUMBER or NAME attribute, but not both.

The ENDMARKER element takes precedence over the DURATION element. If the ENDMARKER is hit before the time specified by DURATION has elapsed, playback will end.

An ENDMARKER element defined within a REF element takes precedence over an ENDMARKER defined within the REF element's parent ENTRY element.

If the marker specified by an END MARKER element occurs earlier in the stream than the marker defined by a STARTMARKER element, no content plays, but no error is generated.


<ENDMARKER NAME="Marker_StopHere" />

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