This element defines a custom parameter associated with a clip or show.

  NAME="parameter name"
  VALUE="parameter value"


  • NAME
    Name used to access the parameter value. The name can be any valid string.
    Value associated with this parameter. It can be either a numeric or string value.

Child/Parent Information

Hierarchy Allowed element
Parent elements ASX, ENTRY
Child elements None


This element allows users to place additional information about each clip inside the ENTRY element that contains it. The GetMediaParameter method retrieves the value of the VALUE attribute, given the name of the parameter and an index number for the entry.

A parameter can also be associated with the show rather than an individual clip, by placing this element directly after the ASX tag. These items are referenced by their names and an index value of zero.


   <TITLE>Example Media Player Show</TITLE>
   <PARAM NAME="Director" VALUE="Jane D." />
      <TITLE>Example Clip</TITLE>
      <REF HREF="" />
      <PARAM NAME="Location" VALUE="North America" />
      <PARAM NAME="Release Date" VALUE="March 1998" />
      <TITLE>Another Clip</TITLE>
      <REF HREF="" />
      <PARAM NAME="Location" VALUE="Japan">
      <PARAM NAME="Release Date" VALUE="December 1996" />

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