This element defines a URL string appended to the front of URLs sent to the Windows Media Player control.



  • HREF (required)
    The string appended to the front to URLs sent to the WMP control. The default value is null.

Parent/Child Information

Hierarchy Allowed element
Parent elements ASX, ENTRY
Child elements None


This element defines a Uniform Resource Locator (URL) string appended to the front of URL-flip URLs sent to the WMP control. URL-flipping is a scripting mechanism that causes the WMP control to open a new URL in a browser or browser frame when it receives a script command.

The BASE element is similar to a home directory for relative links. It only affects URLs sent using script commands as part of the content stream that is playing in the WMP control.

A BASE element defined as the child of an ASX element becomes the default for the entire Advanced Stream Redirector (ASX) file. A BASE element defined in an ENTRY element overrides any BASE element in the parent ASX element (for that ENTRY element only).

Note   If the HREF parameter does not end with a '/' character, the WMP control appends one to the end of the string.


<BASE HREF="" />

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