InterpolationHint (Windows CE 5.0)

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This enumeration provides values that identify algorithms used to interpolate pixel values during resizing and rotation operations.

enum InterpolationHint {  InterpolationHintDefault,  InterpolationHintNearestNeighbor,  InterpolationHintBilinear,  InterpolationHintAveraging,  InterpolationHintBicubic};


  • InterpolationHintDefault
    Indicates that the default algorithm should be used.

  • InterpolationHintNearestNeighbor
    Indicates that point sampling should be used.

  • InterpolationHintBilinear
    Indicates that bilinear interpolation should be used.

  • InterpolationHintAveraging
    Indicates that area averaging should be used when scaling down, and that bilinear interpolation should be used when scaling up.

    This value is good for generating small thumbnail images.

  • InterpolationHintBicubic
    Indicates that bicubic interpolation should be used


OS Versions: Windows CE 5.0 and later.
Header: Imaging.h.

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