Changing the Location of the Pagefile

To improve the performance of EWF on a system that uses a pagefile, you can relocate the system pagefile to an alternate partition that is not EWF-protected. This requires at least two partitions: one partition that EWF protects, and another partition that is writeable.

To change the location of the pagefile

  1. After a run-time image is deployed, edit the following registry key:

    Key Name: HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management\
    Value Name: PagingFiles
    Type: REG_MULT_SZ
    Data: C:\pagefile.sys 150 500

  2. In the Data field, change the path and file name of the pagefile, along with the minimum and maximum file size values (in megabytes).

For more information about how to add this registry key to your configuration, see Adding Registry Data to a Configuration in Windows XP Embedded Studio Help.

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