WC_SIPPREF (Windows CE 5.0)

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This control is used to implement default input panel behavior in a dialog box automatically. That is, in general, any control that runs with the AYGShell extensions and that accepts text input should display the input panel when the control gains focus and hide the input panel when the control loses focus.



WC_SIPPREF implements the correct input panel behavior for each of the following controls:

  • Edit box
  • Combo box (CBS_DROPDOWN style only)
  • Date and time picker controls

When edit controls use WC_SIPPREF, they have automatic context menu support for Cut, Copy, Paste, and so on.

When creating a WC_SIPPREF control you should add it as the last control in your dialog box template.

When the WC_SIPPREF control is created, it enumerates all sibling controls. Initialize WC_SIPPREF prior to using it by first calling the SHInitExtraControls function.

The following code example shows a WC_SIPPREF control:



OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.2 and later
Header: Aygshell.h.
Link Library: Aygshell.lib.

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