Tutorial Step 7: Running the Application in the Emulator on the Custom Run-Time Image (Windows CE 5.0)

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In this step, you run the newly created Hello.exe application in the Emulator.

By default, Hello.exe is not included in the run-time image. It is downloaded to the target device from the development workstation at run time. This allows you to further develop the application without rebuilding the run-time image after each change you make to the application.

To run the application in the Emulator on the custom run-time image

  1. From the Platform Builder Target menu, choose Attach Device.

    In approximately two minutes, your localized OS appears in the MyOSDesign - Emulator for Windows CE window.

  2. From the Target menu, choose Run Programs.

  3. In the Available Programs list, select Hello.exe and choose Run.

    The Hello.exe application downloads from the development workstation to the Emulator. The application then runs in the Emulator.

  4. In the MyOSDesign - Emulator for Windows CE window, verify that the Hello.exe application has run successfully..

    You have run a custom application on the Emulator.

  5. Shut down the Emulator so you can create and export a software development kit (SDK):

    1. From the Platform Builder Target menu, choose Detach Device.
    2. In the window for the Emulator, from the Emulator menu, choose Shut Down.

You can now create and export an SDK.

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