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Microsoft® Windows® CE .NET 4.2 with Microsoft Platform Builder 4.2 is an enhanced development environment for building customized embedded platforms based on the Windows CE .NET operating system (OS). This Help collection provides information about new features and technologies supported in Windows CE .NET, as well as existing features and technologies. Tutorials, procedures, technical support, and documentation updates are offered to help you quickly learn the basics of Windows CE .NET, assist you with unique questions, and keep you informed about the latest product developments.

What's New

Introduces a broad range of new and enhanced product features:

  • Base configurations, including Digital Media Receiver, Enterprise Terminal, Gateway, and Internet Protocol (IP) Phone
  • Improved Windows CE .NET Test Kit (CETK) features and a new Modular Stress Test for the CETK
  • Board support packages (BSPs) for two new standard development boards (SDBs): Samsung SMDK2410 hardware platform based on the S3C2410X01 CPU (ARM920T core) and NEC Solution Gear 2 (SG2) series platform based on MIPS CPUs
  • New drivers, including Flash Media, Human Interface Device (HID) Client, and Unified Keyboard
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer for Windows CE now includes Internet Explorer 6.0 features, Multiple Language (MLANG) support, and more cascading style sheets (CSSs)
  • Four prequalified Bluetooth profiles: Dial-up Networking Profile, LAN Access Profile, Object Push Profile, and File Transfer Profile

Platform Builder Tutorials

Introduces the Platform Builder integrated development environment (IDE) and demonstrates how you can create customized embedded platforms:

  • Using Platform Builder with the desktop-based Emulator
  • Using Platform Builder with a Windows CE .NET PC-based hardware development platform (CEPC)
  • Creating and adding features to a platform

How-to Topics

Offers links to topics that guide you through sets of step-by-step procedures for accomplishing major development tasks.

About Windows CE .NET

Provides both broad overviews and detailed discussions of individual OS features:

  • Windows CE .NET architecture
  • New OS features
  • Security services

Platform Development

Helps you create and modify OS features, boot loaders, and board support packages (BSPs).

Driver Development

Provides architectural information and implementation details to assist you with developing device drivers.

Platform Builder Technical Support Resources

Outlines available telephone or Web-based customer support.

Documentation Updates

Lists Web sites you can access to download Help updates or subscribe to the Windows Embedded DevWire.

If you are new to Windows CE or embedded development, see Getting Started to obtain an in-depth overview of the platform development process with links to topics that cover specific aspects of the process.

You must have a license agreement to distribute components or platforms that you develop with Windows CE .NET. For information about Windows CE .NET license agreements, see this Microsoft Web site.

 Last updated on Tuesday, April 13, 2004