Audio Driver Development Concepts (Windows CE 5.0)

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The audio driver architecture for Windows CE supports driver creation using the unified audio model (UAM) as well as the MDD and PDD model. The architecture also supports various types of audio compression manager (ACM) drivers such as codecs, converters, and filters.

The following illustration shows the Windows CE audio stack.


The Audio Device Manager is just a common name for the OS code between applications using the waveform audio API and audio device drivers. It manages audio devices, includes the software-based mixer in the kernel, and handles various aspects of security, interprocess communication, application callbacks.

In This Section

  • Unified Audio Model
    Provides information about the Windows CE UAM audio architecture.
  • Audio MDD and PDD
    Provides information on audio driver creation using the MDD and PDD model.
  • Wavedev2 Audio Model
    Provides information about audio driver creation using the Wavedev2 model.
  • Audio Compression Manager Drivers
    Provides information about the different ACM driver types as well as information on developing an ACM driver.

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