Embedding the Digital Signature as a Resource (Windows CE 5.0)

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It is possible to provide for a digital signature for the CSP in registry entries during registration. However, the preferred method of providing for a digital signature is to use a resource in the CSP DLL. Use of this method prevents signatures in the registry from becoming unsynchronized with the CSP binaries on the system.

To prepare for signing by Microsoft with the new signature format, the CSP must provide a 144-byte binary resource numbered 0x29A (decimal 666). The signature is placed in this resource. Another field sometimes included in the resource, but currently ignored by CryptoAPI, is a 16-byte checksum.

The following example shows the lines to add to the resource file of the CSP DLL to prepare for digital signing. In the example, csp.sig and csp.mac are two zero-filled files of lengths 144 and 16 bytes, respectively.

// Data. Placeholder signature, will be replaced by actual one.
#define CRYPT_SIG_RESOURCE_NUMBER        0x29A
#define CRYPT_MAC_RESOURCE_NUMBER        0x29B

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