Smart Card (Windows CE 5.0)

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On a device that is based on Microsoft® Windows® CE 5.0, the smart card subsystem provides a link between smart card reader hardware and applications that are smart-card-aware. This link consists of dynamic-link libraries (DLLs), the smart card resource manager application programming interface (API), and the smart card reader hardware device drivers.

In This Section

  • Smart Card OS Design Development
    Provides an overview of the modules and components that implement this functionality in Windows CE, and the sysgen variables that enable it.
  • Smart Card Application Development
    Provides information about the smart card service providers, resource manager, and concepts that describe the interaction between users, applications, and smart cards.
  • Smart Card Security
    Provides security information about smart card functionality in Windows CE and best practices for implementation.
  • Smart Card Registry Settings
    Describes the registry settings that are necessary to configure this functionality in your device.
  • Smart Card Samples
    Provides examples that use smart card concepts and programming elements in applications.
  • Smart Card Migration
    Provides information that you need to know to migrate this functionality from one version of Windows CE to another.
  • Smart Card Reference
    Contains descriptions of smart card programming elements.

Cryptography Services

Provides information about how you can use the cryptography functionality to enable application developers to encrypt and decrypt sensitive data.

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