Common Dialog Boxes (Shell) (Windows CE 5.0)

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Common dialog boxes are system-defined dialog boxes that standardize how users perform common, complex operations. The following table shows each of the common dialog boxes that Windows CE supports and the component or module needed to support each one.

Common dialog box Description Component or module
Color Enables users to select a color from a set of custom colors or from a set of basic colors as determined by the display driver. Commdlg module
Font Enables users to choose attributes for a logical font — such as typeface name, style, point size, effects, script — through the ChooseFont (function) function. Commdlg module
Open Enables users to select a file to open. Fileopen component (For more information, see coredll Module)
Save As Enables users to save a file under another file name. Fileopen component (For more information, see coredll Module)
Print Enables users to select printer options. Commdlg module

Refer to the Cesysgen.bat file in the Enterprise Web Pad and Windows-based Terminal design templates for examples of ways to add support for common dialog boxes to a shell.

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