SecPkgCred_SupportedProtocols (Windows CE 5.0)

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This structure indicates the protocols permitted with a specified Schannel credential. It is used by the QueryCredentialsAttributes function.

typedef struct _SecPkgCred_SupportedProtocols { DWORDgrbitProtocol;} SecPkgCred_SupportedProtocols, *PSecPkgCred_SupportedProtocols;


  • grbitProtocol
    Flags that represent the protocols supported with this credential. The following table shows the valid values.
    Value Description
    SP_PROT_TLS1_CLIENT Transport Layer Security 1.0 client-side.
    SP_PROT_TLS1_SERVER Transport Layer Security 1.0 server-side.
    SP_PROT_SSL3_CLIENT Secure Sockets Layer 3.0 client-side. Superseded by SP_PROT_TLS1_CLIENT.
    SP_PROT_SSL3_SERVER Secure Sockets Layer 3.0 server-side. Superseded by SP_PROT_TLS1_SERVER.
    SP_PROT_SSL2_CLIENT Secure Sockets Layer 2.0 client-side. Superseded by SP_PROT_TLS1_CLIENT.
    SP_PROT_SSL2_SERVER Secure Sockets Layer 2.0 server-side. Superseded by SP_PROT_TLS1_SERVER.


For information about setting the protocols, see AcquireCredentialsHandle.


OS Versions: Windows CE .NET 4.2 and later.
Header: Schnlsp.h.

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