SecPkgInfo (Windows CE 5.0)

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This structure provides general data about a security package, such as its name and capabilities.

typedef struct _SecPkgInfo {ULONG fCapabilities;USHORT wVersion;USHORT wRPCID;ULONG cbMaxToken;SEC_CHAR SEC_FAR* Name;SEC_CHAR SEC_FAR* Comment;} SecPkgInfo, SEC_FAR *PSecPkgInfo;


  • fCapabilities
    Set of bit flags that describe the capabilities of the security package, which can be a combination of the flags shown in the following table.
    Flag Description
    SECPKG_FLAG_INTEGRITY Verifies that all messages exchanged have not been tampered with or exchanged out of sequence.
    SECPKG_FLAG_PRIVACY All messages are tamperproof and are not passed in clear text. Reserved for future use.
    SECPKG_FLAG_TOKEN_ONLY The package is interested only in the security-token portion of messages and will ignore any other buffers. This is a performance-related issue.
    SECPKG_FLAG_DATAGRAM Supports datagram-style authentication.
    SECPKG_FLAG_CONNECTION Supports connection-oriented style authentication.
    SECPKG_FLAG_MULTI_REQUIRED Multiple legs are required for authentication.
    SECPKG_FLAG_CLIENT_ONLY Server authentication support is not provided.
    SECPKG_FLAG_EXTENDED_ERROR Supports extended error handling.
    SECPKG_FLAG_IMPERSONATION Supports 32-bit Windows impersonation in server contexts.
    SECPKG_FLAG_ACCEPT_WIN32_NAME Understands 32-bit Windows principal and target names.
    SECPKG_FLAG_STREAM Supports stream semantics.
  • wVersion
    Version of the package protocol, which must be 1.
  • wRPCID
    DCE RPC identifier, if appropriate. If the package does not implement one of the DCE-registered security systems, the reserved value SECPKG_ID_NONE is used.
  • cbMaxToken
    Maximum size, in bytes, of the token.
  • Name
    Pointer to a null-terminated string that contains the name of the security package.
  • Comment
    Pointer to a null-terminated string, which can be any additional string passed back by the package.


OS Versions: Windows CE 2.10 and later.
Header: Sspi.h.

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