Local Authentication Subsystem (LASS) (Windows CE 5.0)

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Security services in Microsoft Windows CE 5.0 include the Local Authentication Subsystem (LASS). LASS provides the infrastructure that enables user authentication independent of the application and the specific authentication mechanism. Password authentication provides only one option, a password, for verification. However, LASS allows you to support sophisticated authentication mechanisms, such as biometrics. In addition, you can use LASS functionality to specify event-based policies to authenticate users. For more information about how LASS differs from the traditional password-based authentication schemes in previous versions of Windows CE, see Comparing LASS and Password Authentication.

An authentication mechanism that plugs into LASS is called a Local Authentication Plugin (LAP). For more information, see Local Authentication Plugin (LAP). Access to a plugin is governed by an Authentication Event (AE) that represents the point at which a predefined policy (or rule) is applied to determine if a user needs to be authenticated. See Authentication Event (AE) for more information.

Depending on your role in the device life-cycle, you will perform all or a certain subset of LAP-related tasks. For example, as an original equipment manufacturer, you might be interested in creating a custom LAP. For more information, see LASS OS Design Development.

If you are an application developer, you might want to create an application that installs an AE and performs user verification. For more information about writing applications for LASS, see LASS Application Development.

If you are a system administrator configuring a device, you might be interested in installing a LAP, setting an active LAP, or setting an AE policy. Instructions for system administration are included in Configuring LASS.

In This Section

  • LASS OS Design Development
    Provides information about the LASS modules, LASS concepts, and instructions for creating a custom LAP. For Windows CE, Sysgen variables are also defined.
  • LASS Application Development
    Provides specific instructions for the developer of an application that uses LASS.
  • Configuring LASS
    Provides instructions for configuring a device to use LASS.
  • LASS Security
    Provides security information and best practices for LASS.
  • LASS Registry Settings
    Defines LASS and LAP registry settings.
  • LASS Samples
    Describes LASS and LAP samples.
  • LASS Reference
    Describes the LASS application programming interface (API) components, including the functions exported by a LAP.

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