Developing a Target Device by Using a Design Template (Windows CE 5.0)

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When you use the New Platform Wizard to create an OS design from a design template, Platform Builder includes by default a specific set of Catalog items in the OS design. Although you can select optional items in the wizard, the required items do not appear as options.

In addition to the Catalog items that you add to your OS design, some items are added during the build cycle because of dependencies. The %_WINCEROOT%\Public\<OS design name>\_iabasefeatures.txt file shows the Sysgen variables for all Catalog items in the run-time image after the build cycle is complete .For more information about dependencies, see Catalog Overview.

Note   Because one Sysgen variable may be set by another Sysgen variable, not all of the Sysgen variables in these files directly correspond to a Catalog item.

After you complete the New Platform Wizard, you can add other catalog items to your OS design. For more information, see Adding an Item from the Catalog.

For information about how to view a list of Sysgen variables if you build from a command line, see Build Demo Tool.

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