Keyboard Functions (Windows CE 5.0)

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The following table shows the keyboard functions, with a description of the purpose of each.

Programming element Description
ActivateKeyboardLayout This function sets the input locale identifier, formerly called the keyboard layout handle, for the system.
CreateAcceleratorTable This function creates an accelerator table.
DestroyAcceleratorTable This function destroys an accelerator table.
EnableWindow This function enables or disables mouse and keyboard input to the specified window or control.
GetActiveWindow This function retrieves the window handle to the active window associated with the thread that calls the function.
GetAsyncKeyState This function determines whether a key is up or down at the time the function is called, and whether the key was pressed after a previous call to GetAsyncKeyState.
GetAsyncShiftFlags This function provides asynchronous state information about the virtual key that is passed in. It also provides the current state information on the shift flags provided by KEY_STATE_FLAGS.
GetFocus This function retrieves the handle to the keyboard focus window associated with the thread that called the function.
GetKeyboardLayout This function retrieves the active keyboard layout for a specified thread.
GetKeyboardLayoutList This function retrieves the input locale identifiers, formerly called keyboard layout handles, corresponding to the current set of input locales in the system.
GetKeyboardLayoutName This function retrieves the name of the active keyboard layout.
GetKeyboardStatus This function returns the status of the hardware keyboard.
GetKeyboardType This function retrieves information about the current keyboard.
GetKeyState This function retrieves the status of the specified virtual key.
IsWindowEnabled This function determines whether the specified window is enabled for touch screen input and keyboard input.
keybd_event This function synthesizes a keystroke. The system can use such a synthesized keystroke to generate a WM_KEYUP or WM_KEYDOWN message.
KeybdGetDeviceInfo This function returns information about the keyboard and the keyboard driver.
LoadAccelerators This function loads the specified accelerator table.
LoadKeyboardLayout This function places the specified layout in the available layout list.
MapVirtualKey This function translates, or maps, a virtual-key code into a scan code or character value, or translates a scan code into a virtual-key code.
PostKeybdMessage This function posts a keyboard message to the specified window.
RegisterHotKey This function defines a system-wide hot key.
SendInput This function synthesizes keystrokes, stylus and mouse motions, and button clicks.
SetActiveWindow This function makes the specified top-level window associated with the thread calling this function the active window.
SetFocus This function sets the keyboard focus to the specified window.
TranslateAccelerator This function processes accelerator keys for menu commands.

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