IInputMethod::Deselect (Windows CE 5.0)

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This method is implemented to select the input method (IM) out of the software-based input panel window and to destroy the IM windows.

HRESULT Deselect(void);

Return Values

Return S_OK to indicate success. Return the appropriate HRESULT value to indicate failure.


This method is called before IUnknown::Release is called on the IInputMethod pointer. This method provides an IM a place to perform cleanup activities, such as destroying windows and pointers. This method, along with the IUnknown::Release call, is the only notification that an IM receives that it is to be unloaded.

Do not call the IIMCallback::SetImInfo method within the implementation of IInputMethod::Deselect. If you call IIMCallback::SetImInfo, the IM fails to notify applications about the window and workspaces for the IM, which can cause the IM window to overlay application workspace.


OS Versions: Windows CE 2.01 and later.
Header: Sip.h.
Link Library: Uuid.lib.

See Also

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