Windows Media Event Notification Codes

Windows Media technology introduces a number of additional event notification codes to the underlying DirectShow API. A DirectShow application that uses Windows Media filters can use these event notification codes to receive valuable information about the activities taking place within the filter graph.

The Windows Media event notification codes fit directly into the DirectShow API framework and are used in exactly the same way as the standard DirectShow event notification codes. For specific programming details for working with event notification codes in your application, see Event Notification Codes in the DirectShow documentation.

Event notification code Description
EC_PLEASE_REOPEN The graph should be re-rendered.
EC_STATUS Two arbitrary strings: a short one and a long one.
EC_MARKER_HIT A marker has just been passed.
EC_LOADSTATUS Sent when various points are reached while a network file is being loaded.
EC_FILE_CLOSED The file has been involuntarily closed.
EC_ERRORABORTEX    The operation aborted because of error.
EC_EOS_SOON The source filter is about to deliver an EOS downstream.
EC_CONTENTPROPERTY_CHANGED A streaming media filter received a change in the stream's description information.
EC_BANDWIDTHCHANGE The bandwidth of the streaming data has changed.
EC_VIDEOFRAMEREADY The first video frame is about to be drawn.
EC_DRMSTATUS Sent when various points during the DRM process are reached.

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