Creating an Answer File for Unattended Installation

Creating an Answer File for Unattended Installation

To create an .xml answer file for unattended installation, you can save your answers from the Setup Wizard, adapt the sample answer files provided on disk, or create your own from scratch.

Note that every answer file must be enclosed within <Unattend> and </Unattend> tags.

The Setup disk contains two answer files in the valueadd\MSFT folder, MaximumUnattended.xml and MinimumUnattended.xml, which can be copied and easily adapted for your particular use.

For instructions on using the sample files, see Using the Sample Unattended Answer Files on the Setup Disk.

For instructions on writing your own answer file, see Writing an Answer File: Required Elements and Writing an Answer File: Optional Elements.

Note: To ensure the security of your WEPOS system, it is recommended that you change all passwords after an unattended setup.

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