Step 1: Creating the Sales.xml File

For this tutorial, you will create a Sales.xml file.

To create the Sales.xml file

  1. Use the Copy and Paste commands to place the following text into your HTML editor.

    <?xml version="1.0" ?>
          <heading>Lucerne Publishing</heading> 
          <subhead>Regional Sales Report</subhead> 
          <description>Sales report for the West Coast, Central and East Coast regions.</description> 
             <name>West Coast</name> 
             <quarter number="1" books_sold="24000" /> 
             <quarter number="2" books_sold="38600" /> 
             <quarter number="3" books_sold="44030" /> 
             <quarter number="4" books_sold="21000" /> 
             <quarter number="1" books_sold="11000" /> 
             <quarter number="2" books_sold="16080" /> 
             <quarter number="3" books_sold="25000" /> 
             <quarter number="4" books_sold="29000" /> 
             <name>East Coast</name> 
             <quarter number="1" books_sold="27000" /> 
             <quarter number="2" books_sold="31400" /> 
             <quarter number="3" books_sold="40100" /> 
             <quarter number="4" books_sold="30000" /> 
  2. Save the file as Sales.xml.

  3. To view the file in Internet Explorer, open Sales.xml.

The next step is to create the XML style sheet that will create a sales report from this data.

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