Connecting to the Target with Remote Desktop

After deploying your run-time image, you can remotely connect to the device from any Windows-based system with the Remote Desktop connection software installed.

Before connecting to the device, verify that the device is on the Windows domain or workgroup and select the user accounts that are allowed to access the target.

To connect to the target device with Remote Desktop

  1. Right-click My Computer, then select Properties. The System Properties window opens.

  2. Under the Remote tab, check Allow users to connect remotely to this computer. If you receive a message saying that all users might not have passwords, choose OK.

  3. Select the user accounts that can access the target remotely by choosing the Select Remote Users button. The Remote Desktop Users window opens.

    By default, only the administrator can log on remotely.

  4. Add a user by choosing the Add button.

  5. Type in the appropriate user name in the Enter the object names to select field and choose Check names.

  6. Select the user name to add and choose OK.

  7. Choose OK on the Remote Desktop Users window when finished.

  8. Verify that your target device is configured for the Windows domain or workgroup, as follows:

    1. On the target, right-click My Computer and choose Properties.
    2. Under the Computer Name tab, verify the Full Computer name and Workgroup or Domain. Choose the Change button to edit these values.

After configuring the target device, you can connect to it remotely.

To connect to the target by means of Remote Desktop

  1. On the host system, from the Start menu, choose Run, and then type in mstsc. The Remote Desktop Connection window opens.
  2. Enter the computer name, user name, and password and choose Connect.

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