Authentication Services Structures (Windows CE 5.0)

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The following table shows the Authentication Services structures with a description of the purpose of each.

Programming element Description
SCHANNEL_CRED This structure contains the data for an Schannel credential.
SEC_WINNT_AUTH_IDENTITY This structure is used to establish the identity of the client and is authentication-service specific.
SecBuffer This structure describes a buffer that a transport application allocates to pass to a security package.
SecBufferDesc This structure describes an array of SecBuffer structures to pass from a transport application to a security package.
SecPkgContext_Authority This structure contains the name of the authenticating authority, if one is available.
SecPkgContext_ConnectionInfo This structure contains protocol and cipher information.
SecPkgContext_DceInfo This structure contains authorization data used by distributed computing environment (DCE) services.
SecPkgContext_IssuerListInfoEx This structure holds a list of trusted certification authorities (CAs).
SecPkgContext_KeyInfo This structure contains data about the keys used in a security context.
SecPkgContext_Lifespan This structure indicates the life span of a security context.
SecPkgContext_Names This structure indicates the name of the user associated with a security context.
SecPkgContext_ProtoInfo This structure holds information about the protocol in use.
SecPkgContext_Sizes This structure indicates the sizes of important structures used in the message support functions.
SecPkgContext_StreamSizes This structure indicates the sizes of the various stream parts for use with the message support functions.
SecPkgCred_CipherStrengths This structure holds the minimum and maximum strengths permitted for the cipher used by the specified Schannel credential.
SecPkgCred_SupportedAlgs This structure contains identifiers for algorithms permitted with a specified Schannel credential.
SecPkgCred_SupportedProtocols This structure indicates the protocols permitted with a specified Schannel credential.
SecPkgCredentials_Names This structure indicates the name of the user associated with a context.
SecPkgInfo This structure provides general data about a security package, such as its name and capabilities.
SecurityFunctionTable This structure is a dispatch table that contains pointers to the callback functions defined in the Sspi.h file.

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