Text Editor Emulation (Windows CE 5.0)

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The text editor can emulate two popular text editors: BRIEF and Epsilon.

In Platform Builder, emulation is based on the Epsilon text editor and the BRIEF text editor.

With emulation, the text editor can emulate the following:

  • Key bindings
  • Text selection
  • Insertion point
  • Display
  • Window display
  • Most editing commands of the selected text editor

Epsilon and BRIEF macro languages are not supported, but Platform Builder includes macro capabilities. Each text editor emulation includes the use of native syntax for regular expressions during find and replace operations.

You can use the Compatibility tab in the Options dialog box to set overall text editor behavior.

Your choice of editor also determines the regular expression language used throughout the editor, wherever regular expression searches are supported.

The Current Source Editor Emulation list contains the text editors available for emulation. The following is a list of supported text editors:

  • The text editor supported by the Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET development system
  • The text editor supported by Microsoft® Visual C++® version 2.0
  • Borland's BRIEF text editor, version 3.1
  • Lugaru's Epsilon text editor, version 6.0

The check boxes in the Options area contain the compatibility options and their default settings for the chosen text editor. You can change these options to create a custom emulation model.

When you create a custom emulation model, the word Custom appears in the list box with the name of the standard editor in parentheses. For example, if you change some of the options for the BRIEF emulation, Custom (BRIEF) appears in the list.

The following table shows the default compatibility options that are set for each text editor.

Text editor Default options set
Developer Studio Enable copy without selection.
Visual C++ 2.0 Enable copy without selection.

Enable virtual space.

Protect read-only files from editing.

BRIEF Disable backspace at start of line.

Enable copy without selection.

Enable line-mode pastes.

Enable virtual space.

Include caret positioning in undo buffer.

Use BRIEF's regular expression syntax.

Epsilon Include caret point positioning in undo buffer.

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