Filtering Out ErrorMode Messages

You can instruct the operating system to filter out certain notification messages without affecting user interface functionality.

**Note   **Unlike EnableDefaultReply, ErrorMode only hides the messages, it does not intercept them and choose the default button. Be sure to check your system log to see the errors that occurred but are hidden from display.

To filter out ErrorMode messages

  1. In Target Designer, open your run-time image configuration.
  2. In the configuration editor, expand the node for the SLX file, and then expand the Windows subsystem component.
  3. In the Registry path list, right-click HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\ControlSet001\Control\Windows\ErrorMode, and then click Properties.
  4. In the Root list, make sure HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE is selected.
  5. Do not change the contents of the Key Name, Value Name, and Type list fields.
  6. In the Value box, type one of the following:
    • To suppress system messages, type: 1
    • To suppress all messages, type: 2
  7. In the Description box, type a description for this registry value for future reference.
  8. Choose OK.

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