Bus Driver Development Based on KMDF

This paper provides information about how to write bus drivers that are based on the kernel-mode driver framework (KMDF) for the Windows family of operating systems. It describes when developing a new bus driver is appropriate, shows how to implement common features of a bus driver, and provides tips for testing and debugging a bus driver.

The paper assumes that you have experience developing kernel-mode drivers that are based on KMDF. Some familiarity with the Windows Driver Model (WDM) is also helpful.

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Included in this paper:

  • When to Write a Bus Driver
  • Bus Drivers, Device Objects, and the Device Stack
  • KMDF Support for Bus Drivers
  • Parent Bus FDO
  • Enumeration Models
  • Static Enumeration
  • Dynamic Enumeration
  • Using a Raw PDO
  • Optional PDO Event Callback Functions
  • Handling I/O Requests for the PDO
  • Handling Device Errors
  • Tips for Testing and Debugging a Bus Driver
  • Resources

Windows Driver Frameworks



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