Windows Biometric Framework user experience

In Windows 7, Windows Biometric Framework (WBF) provides a user experience for fingerprint biometric devices that is consistent with the user experience throughout the Windows operating system itself. This topic describes this user experience.

This information applies to the following operating system:

  • Windows 7

WBF provides a common set of the following:

  • Discovery points
  • Application start points
  • Management capabilities
  • Supported end-to-end scenarios

Discovery points

Windows 7 provides several ways in which the user can find the biometrics capabilities that are embedded in Windows. These include the following:

  • Search: The user can search for biometric capabilities by clicking Start, and then typing “biometrics”, “fingerprint”, or other related phrases to start the Biometric Devices Control Panel.
  • Biometric Devices Control Panel: The user can find the Biometric Devices Control Panel under the Hardware and Sound category or by selecting the All view in Control Panel. For more information about the Biometric Device Control Panel, see Biometric Devices Control Panel.
  • Device Manager: The user can find all WBDI devices in Device Manager under the Biometrics device category.

Application start points

IHVs, ISVs, and OEMs can integrate their own fingerprint management applications (FMAs) with the Biometric Devices Control Panel through the Manage your fingerprint data link. When users click this link, the third-party application is started. This link is also available from the User Accounts Control Panel.

This lets third parties provide a customized and branded FMA that is started from a standard point within the Biometric Devices Control Panel. The FMA may be a simple enrollment application or a complex suite of applications and management capabilities.

Windows 7 does not include an inbox FMA or enrollment experience. Only the IHV, ISV, or OEM can provide an enrollment experience with a FMA that uses the WBF API.

Management capabilities

Through WBF Biometric Devices Control Panel, the user experience for managing fingerprint biometric devices is compatible with managing other devices on the system. In addition, the Biometric Devices Control Panel gives users a way to start proprietary applications for managing device-specific settings.

For more information about the Biometric Devices Control Panel, see Biometric Devices Control Panel.

Supported end-to-end scenarios

In Windows 7, two primary end-to-end scenarios are supported:

  • Logon: Users can log on to a local machine or to a domain by using a fingerprint.
  • UAC: A user who has administrative credentials can elevate applications through UAC by using a fingerprint.

Introduction to the Windows Biometric Framework

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