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The topics in this section describe mobile and tablet PC platform design.

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Mobile Broadband Changes for Windows 7

Discusses important changes in the mobile broadband stack for Windows 7, provides guidance for testing applications for compatibility with mobile broadband, and describes the changes that are required to update the applications to work with mobile broadband devices on Windows 7.

Mobile Broadband Driver Development

Discusses how to write drivers for mobile broadband devices by using the Windows mobile broadband driver model, which is part of Windows 7.

Mobile Broadband Connection Manager Development Guide

Describes how to write a connection manager (CM) utility that manages mobile broadband connections in Windows 7.

Mobile and Tablet PC Platform Design

This information should be considered in designing mobile PC systems and tablets that will run Windows operating systems.

Additional Resources

Mobile Broadband Driver Development

MB Interface Model

Mobile Broadband Connection Manager

Connection Manager Integration with Mobile Broadband [1.6 MB] [PPT]

Mobile Broadband Customization and Application Development

Guidelines for Customizing Mobile Broadband in Windows 7

How to Write Managed Code That Uses the Mobile Broadband API

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