Cover glass considerations in Windows 8

This topic provides cover glass recommendations for multi-touch hardware solutions.

Tablet systems recommendations

For tablet systems which include Slates and Convertible Notebooks, Microsoft recommends that the cover glass application be one of the following:

  • A one glass solution (OGS)

  • A discrete cover glass application in which the glass serves as a protective display over situated on top of the touch sensing layer, but not as a physical carrier or substrate for the touch sensing layer itself.

The following glass cover design characteristics are highly recommended:

  • The cover glass should be chemically strengthened to exhibit non-frangible behavior where the glass does not energetically fragment into a large number of small pieces when impacted with sufficient penetration force.

  • Particular care should be made to strengthen the edge area of the glass and holes and/or slots should be used in the machined glass cover parts.

  • The cover glass should be scratch and smudge/fingerprint resistant.

  • The glass bond is sufficient to prevent pooling (ripple effects around the contact) on touch.

  • Latency of touch reports is reduced to have optimal Windows touch user experience.

  • It is important to be able to slide a finger smoothly across the glass.

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