HCK Studio - Selection Tab

The Selection tab displays all features that a device implements. Before you can see any features, you must first select a machine pool (drop-down list in the upper left corner). You can also search for specific features using the combination search drop-down list and search field.

The specific testable device is called the target. A device may contain multiple targets, represented by one or more hardware IDs. You can filter what you want to test by:

  • Show selected. This option displays the targets that you’ve selected. This view allows you to see just the areas you're testing. You also can filter a machine pool by category by using the category list. You can search for specific targets/features by using the search box.

  • Systems. To test a complete client or server computer.

  • Devices and printers. To test an external device that's connected to a test computer. This device typically appears in Start > Devices and Printers on the test computer. This usually represents a collection of devices found on the Device Manager tab.

  • Device manager. To test a component of a test computer or external device, for example, a network card. This is the most detailed view.

  • Software devices. To test filter drivers, firewalls, and antivirus software that's installed on the test computer.


    Some software drivers are associated with a physical device. If you cannot find your driver under Software Device, use the search bar on Device Manager to find the device under which your software driver is associated.

On this tab, you can do the following task:

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