HCK Studio - Project Tab

A project defines the product that you want to test. The Test Levels feature lets you create projects that represent a wide range of scenarios. In addition, you can create several smaller projects and merge the results into one package. The most common project is the device that you want to submit for certification.

The right-pane (Project Summary) displays project information. The information pane is empty until you start to test the device. You can highlight the project, and the Project Summary automatically loads and displays the data for that project. You can load a project loaded, and still highlight other projects to see the information about those projects.


Although the Project tab lets you load a project that is already opened, we recommend that you do not do this because Windows Hardware Certification Kit (Windows HCK) Controller does not correctly handle the test results of a project that is simultaneously opened multiple times.

On this tab, you can perform the following task:

  • Step 4: Create a project

  • Load an existing project

  • Delete or Rename a project

  • View summary information about any project

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