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QFE 10 for the HCK Now Available

Windows Certification Newsletter - April 23, 2013

Windows Certification Newsletter - April 23, 2013

QFE 10 for the HCK Now Available

QFE 10 for the Windows Hardware Certification Kit (Windows HCK) is available for download. This QFE is important for display certification and those creating Hyper-V Extensible Switch extensions. Specifically the QFE addresses:

  • A regression, introduced with QFE 007, in the display gatherer that causes Display device capabilities to report inaccurately.

  • An issue where logo certified extensions were not listed on A new product type, vSwitchExtention, was added to WHCK to identify certification submissions for Hyper-V Extensible Switch extensions. This product type is now carried with the submission to Microsoft’s web portal. These switch extensions will display in the Windows Server Catalog under the Hyper-V Switch Extensions area.

Download it now:

Jigs Rentals: More Options for Performing Windows Touch Tests

The Windows 8 Touch Test Jigs — Precision Touch Test Tool (PT3) and Rotation and Acoustic Tool (RA) — now are available from two sources to support both capacitive-based and optical-based touch technologies.

For detailed test specifications and availability, please contact one of these certified jig vendors:

  • Triex Technologies, Inc.

    Tim Wright,, +1 (206) 940-0943

  • Industrial Technology Research Institute

    Sen-Yih Chou,, +886 (03) 5743887

Industrial Technology Research Institute also offers a laboratory with test jigs for rental as an option for ecosystem partners performing the Windows touch tests. The service starts April 10, 2013. For facilities information, please contact:

  • Test Jigs

    PT3 (HPT-2-25) and RA Tool (TPL-3)

  • Open hours

    Monday to Thursday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm

  • Reservations required

    24 hours in advance at least

  • Laboratory rental and basic supply fees

    NTD 1,500 per hour (tax excluded)

  • Contact

    PT3 (HPT-2-25) Wen-Lan Tseng, +886-3-5732296,,

  • Location

    Bldg. 12, 321, Sec. 2, Kuang Fu Rd., Hsinchu, 30011, Taiwan, R.O.C.

UEFI POST TIME Requirement Relaxed for Some All-In-One Systems Updates

Based on additional industry feedback, we're relaxing the UEFI POST TIME requirement to enable large storage capacity in all-in-one systems.


  • PCs must be an all-in-one system with integrated displays.

  • AIO Systems must meet the POST Time Boundary listed in the table below. For example, systems with a disk that is more than or equal to 1TB but less than 2TB capacity must POST in 9 seconds or less.

  • Systems shipping after December 31, 2014, must meet the requirements published on MSDN.

System Storage Capacity POST time boundary

< 1TB

8 sec (was 4 sec)

>= 1TB & <2TB

9 sec (was 7 sec)

>= 2TB & <3TB

10 sec (same as before)

>= 3TB & <4TB

14 sec (same as before)

>= 4TB

15 sec (same as before)

This delayed enforcement erratum begins April 15, 2013, when the UEFI requirement Erratum 478 relaxation expires, and ends in December 2014.

To take advantage of this new delayed enforcement, Include ID 1250 in your README file starting April 15, 2013.

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