Troubleshooting Bus Controller Testing

To troubleshoot bus controller test issues, follow these steps:

  1. Review the following Windows Hardware Certification Kit (Windows HCK) topics:

  2. Verify that you have installed the latest Windows HCK filters and kit updates. For more information, see Windows Hardware Certification Kit Filters.

  3. For a test failure, look for usable information in the Windows HCK Studio test log. If you find usable information, resolve the issue and rerun the test.

  4. If you cannot obtain a successful test result, contact Windows HCK Support.

Bluetooth controller test troubleshooting

The following table describes common issues that can occur during Bluetooth controller testing:

Issue Resolution

Failures finding Bluetooth devices during an Bluetooth Inquiry command

This failure can happen when you run a test in a noisy environment. Rerunning the test usually fixes this error. You can also try to bring the radios closer together. Make sure that the radios have a clear line of sight. Turn off other radios that may be causing interference.

Failures connecting Bluetooth devices during Bluetooth Inquiry commands

This failure occurs when the test times out before the devices could be reconnected. Rerunning the test usually fixes this error.

WITT I²C controller test troubleshooting

The following table describes common issues that can occur during Windows Inter-Integrated Circuit (I²C) Testing Tool (WITT) controller testing:

Issue Resolution

All tests failed with error message WITT device test interface is not found.

Review WITT I2C Testing Prerequisites. Make sure that the WITT test peripheral driver is installed, ACPI table modified with sample ASL and four instances of WITT Test Driver are found in Windows HCK Device Manager.

WITT firmware needs to be updated. The WITT firmware binary (i2c9665a.iic) is released as part of. When you install a new Windows HCK package, you should update the WITT firmware.

See WITT I2C Testing Prerequisites for instructions on how to upgrade the WITT firmware.

WITT device is in a bad state. Typically, the green LED on a WITT device should be lit when there is no traffic, and should blink when there is traffic. Otherwise, the WITT or I²C controller might be in a bad state.

Unplug the WITTs USB cable to power-cycle the device. If the controller is still not working, reboot the testing system.

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