Windows Touch Resolution Test

This test verifies that a Windows® Touch device has a 100-Hertz minimum reporting rate for all touch inputs.

Test details

Associated requirements


See the device hardware requirements.


Windows RT (ARM-based) Windows 8 (x64) Windows 8 (x86) Windows RT 8.1 Windows 8.1 x64 Windows 8.1 x86

Expected run time

~2 minutes


Certification Functional



Running the test

Before you run the test, complete the test setup as described in the test requirements: Windows Touch Testing Prerequisites.

To support the assertion that every pixel is touchable, the resolution of the touch screen must be at least as high as the resolution of the display. This test verifies that capability. To complete this test, simply touch the screen. The program validates that the digitizer that reports the contact has a resolution that is at least as high as the connected display.


For troubleshooting information, see Troubleshooting Device.Digitizer Testing.

More information

Command syntax

Command option Description

Logo3.exe -config TouchResolution.json

Runs the test.

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