Device.Portable Testing Prerequisites

Before you test a portable device by using the Windows Hardware Certification Kit (Windows HCK), review the following requirements:

Hardware requirements

  • System that supports USB 2.0 (at a minimum)

  • A USB cable for the device that you're testing

Software requirements

  • The latest Windows HCK filters or updates

  • A class driver provided by Microsoft

Other requirements

  • If you provide a custom INF with your device, you must run the HCK tests using the Windows class driver (you may not test using your custom INF).

  • Your device must install with the Microsoft Media Transfer Protocol class driver.

  • For Windows Vista and later, your device must appear under the Portable Devices category in Device Manager.

  • Devices that are read-only must include at least one sample of each format type supported by the device.

  • If the device supports removable media, the media must be added before testing.

  • Run the test with only one portable device connected at a time (this includes Mass Storage Class devices).

  • The battery on the device should be fully charged before testing is started.

Test computer configuration

To run portable device tests, you must know how to:

  • Switch a device to a computer connectivity mode before plugging it in.

  • Plug a device into a USB port of the computer and maintain the connectivity throughout the test.

  • Provide continuous power to the device throughout the test.

  • Troubleshoot device installation by checking if the device is installed successfully in Device Manager or by looking at the SetupAPI device installation logs.

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