Windows HCK Support

Getting support on Windows HCK test issues.

Before you contact Support, make sure you follow the basic troubleshooting steps in Troubleshooting Windows HCK Test Failures. You must provide information for each test issue as a separate support issue. Make sure the information that you collect is accurate; for example, provide the exact test name as it appears in Windows Hardware Certification Kit (Windows HCK) Studio.

You must provide the following information to Support to receive technical support on your issue:

  • The full and exact test name as it displays in Windows HCK Studio.

  • The Windows HCK package file.

  • If the failure category is System crashed, include the system crash dump files that were created during the test run. At a minimum, you must supply a kernel dump; a mini-dump is not sufficient.

  • If the test failure category is Test crashed, include the user mode dump files.

  • All available system or user-mode crash dump files system event log files that were created by running the failed test.

  • Any additional debugging data that you have obtained about the failed test.

After you have run the troubleshooting steps and collected the necessary information, see HCK for Windows 8.1 support to contact Support.

Troubleshooting Windows HCK



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