Device categories

Use the tables in this topic to learn more about the various device categories that can be used in the DeviceCategory element. The following info is provided in the table:

  • The device category name
  • The icon that represents the device category by default in Devices and Printers. If the device metadata package includes an icon file for a device of this category, that icon is used instead of the default device icon.
  • Descriptive info about the device category that appears in Devices and Printers.

Note The descriptive information is related to the device category and is not related to the information that is specified through the DeviceDescription1 and DeviceDescription2 elements. The device description elements specify the text that appears for the device properties.

Audio devices

Device category Default device icon Singular description Plural description
Audio Audio device Audio devices
Audio.Adapter Audio adapter Audio adpaters
Audio.Headphone Headphone Headphones
Audio.Microphone Microphone Microphones
Audio.Speakerphone Speaker phone Speaker phones
Audio.Speakers Speakers Speakers
Audio.Speakers.USB USB speakers USB speakers
Audio.Speakers.Wireless Wireless speakers Wireless speakers

Communications devices

Device category Default device icon Singular description Plural description
Communication Communications device Communications devices
Communication.Headset Headset Headsets
Communication.Headset.Bluetooth Bluetooth headset Bluetooth headsets
Communication.Phone Phone Phones
Communication.Phone.Cell Cell phone Cell phones
Communication.Phone.IP IP phone IP phones
Communication.Phone.Speaker Speaker phone Speaker phones

External Adapters and Hardware Components

Device category Default device icon Singular description Plural description
Component Adapter External adapters and hardware components
Component.AudioAdpater Audio Adapter Audio Adapters
Component.Battery Battery Batteries and uninterruptable power supplies (UPS)
Component.Bridge Bridge device Bridge devices
Component.Bridge.Network Network bridge Network bridges
Component.Bridge.Storage Storage bridge Storage bridges
Component.Cable Cable Cables
Component.Cable.Transfer Transfer cable Transfer cables
Component.Cable.Transfer.USB USB transfer cable USB transfer cables
Component.Capture Capture device Capture devices
Component.Capture.Video Video capture device Video capture devices
Component.Controller Controller Controllers
Component.Controller.1394 1394 controller 1394 controllers
Component.Controller.Bluetooth Bluetooth adapter Bluetooth adapters
Component.Controller.CardBus CardBus controller CardBus controllers
Component.Controller.IR Infrared receiver Infrared receivers
Component.Controller.IR.MCE MCE Infrared receiver MCE Infrared receivers
Component.Controller.SDH Secure Digital Host (SDH) controller Secure Digital Host (SDH) controllers
Component.Controller.Serial Serial port adapter Serial port adapters
Component.Controller.Storage Storage controller Storage controller
Component.Controller.Storage.IDE IDE controller IDE controllers
Component.Controller.Storage.iSCSI iSCSI controller iSCSI controllers
Component.Controller.Storage.Raid RAID controller RAID controllers
Component.Controller.Storage.SATA SATA controller SATA controllers
Component.Controller.Storage.SCSI SCSI controller SCSI controllers
Component.Controller.Storage.USB USB controller USB controllers
Component.Controller.Storage.WUSB Wireless USB adapter Wireless USB adapters
Component.GraphicsCard Graphics card Graphics cards
Component.Hub Hub Hubs
Component.Hub.1394 1394 hub 1394 hubs
Component.Hub.USB USB hub USB hubs
Component.KVM KVM switch KVM switches
Component.NIC Network adapter Network adapters
Component.SmartCardReader Smart card reader Smart card readers
Component.System System component System components
Component.System.Board System board System boards
Component.System.Memory System memory System memory
Component.System.Processor System processor System processors
Component.Tuner Tuner Tuners
Component.Tuner.Radio Radio tuner Radio tuners
Component.Tuner.TV TV tuner TV tuners
Component.Tuner.TV.ATSC TV tuner TV tuners
Component.Tuner.TV.DCB-S TV tuner TV tuners
Component.Tuner.TV.DVB-C TV tuner TV tuners
Component.Tuner.TV.DVB-T TV tuner TV tuners
Component.Tuner.TV.ISDB-T TV tuner TV tuners
Component.Tuner.TV.NTSC TV tuner TV tuners
Component.Tuner.TV.NTSCMJ TV tuner TV tuners
Component.Tuner.TV.OpenCable TV tuner TV tuners
Component.Tuner.TV.PAL TV tuner TV tuners
Component.Tuner.TV.Proprietary TV tuner TV tuners
Component.Tuner.TV.QAM TV tuner TV tuners
Component.Tuner.TV.SECAM TV tuner TV tuners


Device category Default device icon Singular description Plural description
Computer Computer Computers
Computer.AllInOne All-in-one computer All-in-one computers
Computer.Desktop Desktop computer Desktop computers
Computer.Desktop.LowProfile Desktop computer Desktop computers
Computer.Desktop.Pizzabox Desktop computer Desktop computers
Computer.Handheld Handheld computer Handheld computers
Computer.Handheld.Windows Windows handheld computer Windows handheld computers
Computer.Laptop Laptop computer Laptop computers
Computer.Lunchbox Lunchbox computer Lunchbox computers
Computer.Netbook Netbook computer Netbook computers
Computer.Notebook Notebook computer Notebook computers
Computer.Notebook.Sub Subnotebook computer Subnotebook computers
Computer.Portable Portable computer Portable computers
Computer.Rackmount Rack-mount computer Rack-mount computers
Computer.Sealed Sealed-case computer Sealed-case computers
Computer.Server Server Servers
Computer.SpaceSaving Space-saving computer Space-saving computers
Computer.Tablet Tablet PC Tablet PCs
Computer.ThinClient Thin client computer Thin client computers
Computer.Tower Tower computer Tower computers
Computer.Tower.Mini Mini-tower computer Mini-tower computers
Computer.Slate Slate computer Slate computers

Displays and Projectors

Device category Default device icon Singular description Plural description
Display Display Displays
Display.Monitor Monitor Monitors
Display.Monitor.CRT CRT monitor CRT monitors
Display.Monitor.LCD LCD monitor LCD monitors
Display.Monitor.Plasma Plasma display Plasma displays
Display.PictureFrame Picture frame Picture frames
Display.Projector Projector Projectors
Display.SideShow SideShow device SideShow devices
Display.TV Television Televisions
Display.TV.CRT Television Televisions
Display.TV.DLP Television Televisions
Display.TV.LCD Television Televisions
Display.TV.Plasma Television Televisions

Healthcare Devices

Device category Default device icon Singular description Plural description
Health Healthcare device Healthcare devices
Health.BloodGlucose Blood glucose meter Blood glucose meters
Health.BloodPressure Blood pressure meter Blood pressure meters
Health.HeartRate Heart-rate monitor Heart-rate monitors
Health.Pedometer Pedometer Pedometers

Keyboards, Mice, and other input devices

Device category Default device icon Singular description Plural description
Input Input device Keyboards, mice, and other input devices
Input.Digitizer Digitizer Tablets and digitizers
Input.Digitizer.Multitouch Multi-touch input device Multi-touch input devices
Input.Digitizer.Pen Pen Pens
Input.Digitizer.Touchpad Touch pad Touch pads
Input.Digitizer.Touchscreen Touch screen Touch screens
Input.Gaming Game controller Game controllers
Input.Gaming.Common Game controller Game controllers
Input.Gaming.Controller Game controller Game controllers
Input.Gaming.Gamepad Game controller Game controllers
Input.Gaming.Generic Game controller Game controllers
Input.Gaming.Steering Steering wheel Steering wheels
Input.Keyboard Keyboard Keyboards
Input.KVM KVM switch KVM switches
Input.Mouse Mouse Mice
Input.Remote Remote control Remote controls
Input.Remote.MCE Remote control Remote controls
Input.Trackball Trackball Trackballs

Media Devices

Device category Default device icon Singular description Plural description
Media Media Media
Media.SmartCard Smart-card Smart-cards
Media.Storage Storage media Storage media
Media.Storage.Flash Flash memory Flash memory
Media.Storage.Flash.CompactFlash Compact Flash card Compact Flash cards
Media.Storage.Flash.MemoryStick Memory Stick Memory Sticks
Media.Storage.Flash.SD SD card SD cards
Media.Storage.Optical Optical disc Optical discs
Media.Storage.Optical.BluRay Blu-Ray disc Blu-Ray disc
Media.Storage.Optical.CD CD CDs
Media.Storage.Optical.DVD DVD DVDs

Media and entertainment devices

Device category Default device icon Singular description Plural description
Multimedia Entertainment device Media and entertainment devices
Multimedia.DMC Digital media controller Digital media controllers
Multimedia.DMP Digital media player Digital media players
Multimedia.DMR Digital media renderer Digital media renderers
Multimedia.DMR.MCE Digital media renderer Digital media renderers
Multimedia.DMS Digital media server Digital media servers
Multimedia.DVR Digital video recorder Digital video recorders
Multimedia.GameConsole Game console Game consoles
Multimedia.PMP Portable Media Player Portable Media Players
Multimedia.VoiceRecorder Voice recorder Voice recorders

Network devices

Device category Default device icon Singular description Plural description
Network Network infrastructure device Routers, access points, and other network devices
Network.AccessPoint Network access point Network access points
Network.Bluetooth Bluetooth radio Bluetooth dongles and adapter cards
Network.Bridge Network bridge Network bridges
Network.Bridge.Wifi2Ether Wireless to Ethernet bridge Wireless to Ethernet bridges
Network.HomeAutomation Home automation controller Home automation controllers
Network.MobileBroadband Mobile broadband adapter Mobile broadband adapters
Network.Modem Modem Modems
Network.NIC Network adapter Network adapters
Network.NIC.Ethernet Ethernet adapter Ethernet adapters
Network.NIC.IR Infrared network adapter Infrared network adapters
Network.NIC.PLC Power-line network adapter Power-line network adapters
Network.NIC.Wireless Wireless network adapter Wireless network adapters
Network.PrintServer Print server Print servers
Network.Router Network router Network routers
Network.Router.Wireless Wireless network router Wireless network routers
Network.Switch Network switch Network switches
Network.UWB Ultra wideband radio Ultra wideband radios
Network.WUSB Wireless USB radio Wireless USB radios
Network.WUSB.DWA Wireless USB radio Wireless USB radios

Personal identity devices

Device category Default device icon Singular description Plural description
PersonalIdentity Personal identity device Personal identity devices
PersonalIdentity.FaceScanner Face scanner Face scanners
PersonalIdentity.FingerprintReader Fingerprint scanner Fingerprint scanners
PersonalIdentity.RetinalScanner Retinal scanner Retinal scanners
PersonalIdentity.Smartcard Smart card Smart cards
PersonalIdentity.SmartcardReader Smart card reader Smart card reader

Point of service (POS) devices

Device category Default device icon Singular description Plural description
Pos.BarcodeScanner Barcode scanner Barcode scanners
Pos.CashDrawer Cash drawer Cash drawers
Pos.LineDisplay Line display Line displays
Pos.MagneticStripeReader Magnetic stripe reader Magnetic stripe readers
Pos.Printer Printer Printers

Printer and faxes

Device category Default device icon Singular description Plural description
PrintFax Printer Printers and faxes
PrintFax.FAX Fax Fax machines
PrintFax.MFP Multi-function printer Multi-function printers
PrintFax.Printer Printer Printers
PrintFax.Printer.3D Printer Printers
PrintFax.Printer.Inkjet Printer Printers
PrintFax.Printer.Laser Printer Printers
PrintFax.Printer.Virtual Virtual Printer Virtual Printers
PrintFax.Printer.Service Service Printer Service Printers
PrintFax.Printer.File File Printer File Printers


Device category Default device icon Singular description Plural description
Sensor Sensor Sensors
Sensor.Electrical Electrical sensor Electrical sensors
Sensor.Environmental Sensor Sensors
Sensor.Environmental.Temp Sensor Sensors
Sensor.Light Light sensor Light sensors
Sensor.Location Location sensor Location sensors
Sensor.Location.GPS GPS Location sensors
Sensor.Mechanical Mechanical sensor Mechanical sensors
Sensor.Motion Motion sensor Motion sensors
Sensor.Orientiation Orientation sensor Orientation sensors
Sensor.Proximity Proximity sensor Proximity sensors
Sensor.Proximity.NFC NFC sensor NFC sensors
Sensor.Proximity.RFID RFID sensor RFID sensors

Storage devices

Device category Default device icon Singular description Plural description
Storage Storage device Storage devices
Storage.CardReader Card reader Card readers
Storage.CardReader.Combo Combination card reader Combination card readers
Storage.Changer Storage media changer Storage media changers
Storage.Changer.Optical Optical storage media changer Optical storage media changers
Storage.FDD Floppy disk drive Floppy disk drives
Storage.HDD Hard disk drive Hard disk drives
Storage.HDD.SolidState Solid state drive Solid state drives
Storage.Network Network storage device Network attached storage devices
Storage.Network.Wireless Wireless storage device Wireless storage devices
Storage.Optical Optical drive Optical drives
Storage.Optical.Bluray Blu-ray drive Blu-ray drives
Storage.Optical.CD CD drive CD drives
Storage.Optical.DVD DVD drive DVD drives
Storage.Tape Tape drive Tape drives
Storage.UFD USB flash drive USB flash drives

Video and imaging devices

Device category Default device icon Singular description Plural description
Imaging Imaging device Video and imaging devices
Imaging.Camcorder Camcorder Camcorders
Imaging.Camera Camera Cameras
Imaging.Scanner Scanner Scanners
Imaging.Webcam Webcam Webcams

Unclassified device types

Device category Default device icon Singular description Plural description
Other Other Other

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