Upgrades That Require a New Hardware ID

Windows cannot recognize an upgraded modem as such unless the modem's hardware ID has been updated. If there is any need for the operating system to distinguish between nonupgraded and upgraded versions of a modem, these versions of the modem must have different hardware IDs.

You should update a modem's hardware ID if:

  • A modem is sold by various computer manufacturers, each of which requires its own manufacturer and model name strings.

  • The display name of the modem has changed, for example, if a new computer OEM is distributing the modem.

  • The command strings have changed, for example, if there are new initialization strings that support an upgrade.

  • The response strings are new or have changed, for example, if V.90 connect responses have been added.

  • A hardware change requires a new driver, for example, if a different digital signal process has been introduced.

  • An upgrade includes new features supported by the operating system.

  • An upgrade includes new features supported by applications and these applications use the hardware ID to verify that the device supports these features.

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