INetCfgPnpReconfigCallback::SendPnpReconfig method

Note This method is deprecated and should not be used.

The SendPnpReconfig method sends configuration information to the driver of the network component that owns a notify object.


HRESULT SendPnpReconfig(
  [in] LPCWSTR              pszwUpper,
  [in] LPCWSTR              pszwLower,
  [in] PVOID                pvData,
  [in] DWORD                dwSizeOfData


  • Layer [in]
    Specifies the type of driver to send configuration information. This value can be one of the following values from the NCPNP_RECONFIG_LAYER enumeration:

    Value Description


    The driver is an NDIS intermediate driver.


    The driver is a TDI provider driver.

  • pszwUpper [in]
    Pointer to a constant null-terminated string of 16-bit Unicode characters containing the full path and service name of either a protocol driver or the protocol edge of an intermediate driver. This service name is identical to the name that was specified in the AddService directive of the driver's INF file.

  • pszwLower [in]
    Pointer to a constant null-terminated string of 16-bit Unicode characters. This contains the bindname of the adapter to which is bound the protocol driver or the intermediate driver whose service name is at pszwUpper. Bindnames are names of network components that are used for binding operations and can include "tcpip", "netbios", and "ndiswanipout."

  • pvData [in]
    Pointer to an input buffer supplied by the notify object. This buffer contains the data to transfer to the target driver.

  • dwSizeOfData [in]
    Specifies the size, in bytes, of the input buffer at pvData.

Return value

Returns zero (S_OK) if successful; otherwise, returns NETCFG_* codes that are defined in Netcfgx.h.


A notify object can call SendPnpReconfig within its implementation of the INetCfgComponentControl::ApplyPnpChanges method to send configuration information to the driver of the network component that owns the object. SendPnpReconfig provides the notify object with a possible mechanism to send data to the driver. Calling SendPnpReconfig is optional for the notify object, but recommended to avoid requiring a user to reboot the operating system to implement changes to the configuration.

A call to SendPnpReconfig triggers a call to the ProtocolPnPEvent handler of either the protocol driver or the protocol edge of the intermediate driver. In this ProtocolPnPEvent call, the NetEvent member (NET_PNP_EVENT_CODE enumeration) of the NET_PNP_EVENT structure is set to NetEventReconfigure. If SendPnpReconfig triggers the event, the Buffer member of NET_PNP_EVENT contains whatever the caller of SendPnpReconfig passed in the pvData parameter.


Target platform



Netcfgn.h (include Netcfgn.h)

See also


NET_PNP_EVENT for Protocol Drivers


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