When queried, the OID_802_11_NETWORK_TYPES_SUPPORTED OID requests that the miniport driver return an array of all the network types that the underlying NIC's physical layer (PHY) supports. If the NIC supports multiple 802.11 radios, the driver returns all applicable network types.

The data type for this OID is the NDIS_802_11_NETWORK_TYPE_LIST structure, which is defined as follows:

typedef struct _NDIS_802_11_NETWORK_TYPE_LIST {         ULONG NumberOfItems;

The members of this structure contain the following information:

  • NumberOfItems
    The number of items in the NetworkType array. This array must contain at least one item.

  • NetworkType
    An array of network types.

The NDIS_802_11_NETWORK_TYPE enumeration defines the values to assign to the network types. The network types that can be returned by the driver are the following:

  • Ndis802_11FH
    Indicates the physical layer for the frequency-hopping spread-spectrum radio.

  • Ndis802_11DS
    Indicates the physical layer for the direct-sequence spread-spectrum radio.

  • Ndis802_11OFDM5
    Indicates the physical layer for 5-GHz OFDM radios.

  • Ndis802_11OFDM24
    Indicates the physical layer for 2.4-GHz OFDM radios.

If the device supports 802.11g, then the driver must return Ndis802_11DS and Ndis802_11OFDM24 in the list of supported types, in addition to any other types supported.

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