The OID_WAN_MEDIUM_SUBTYPE OID requests the miniport driver to return a list of the media subtypes that it can support as a proper subset of the following system-defined values:

  • NdisWanMediumHub
    Specifies a remote access server (RAS) hub.

  • NdisWanMediumX_25
    Specifies an X.25 medium.

  • NdisWanMediumIsdn
    Specifies an ISDN medium.

  • NdisWanMediumSerial
    Specifies a serial line.

  • NdisWanMediumFrameRelay
    Specifies a frame-relay medium.

  • NdisWanMediumAtm
    Specifies an ATM medium.

  • NdisWanMediumSonet
    Specifies a synchronous optical network (Sonet) fiber medium.

  • NdisWanMediumSW56K
    Specifies a switched 56K medium.

  • NdisWanMediumPPTP
    Specifies a Point-to-Point Tunneling Protocol (PPTP) line.

  • NdisWanMediumL2TP
    Specifies a Layer 2 Tunneling Protocol (L2TP) line.

  • NdisWanMediumIrda
    Specifies an IrDA (infrared) medium.

  • NdisWanMediumParallel
    Specifies a parallel line.

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