TCP Chimney Offload

[The TCP chimney offload feature is deprecated and should not be used.]

The TCP chimney offload documentation is an addendum to the TCP chimney files in the Windows Driver Kit. The TCP chimney documentation provides information that independent hardware vendors, OEMs, and ODMs use to build hardware and drivers for TCP chimney offload.

This section includes:

Overview of TCP Chimney Offload

Initializing an Offload Target

TCP Chimney Offload State

Offloading TCP Chimney State

Querying Offloaded State

Updating Offloaded State

Invalidating Offloaded State

Terminating Offload State

TCP Chimney Data I/O Operations

Indicating Chimney-Related Events

Maintaining and Reporting Chimney-Specific Statistics

Closing an Offloaded TCP Connection

TCP Timers Maintained by an Offload Target

Generating and Using Timestamps

Power Management for Offload Targets

TCP Chimney Offload for Intermediate Drivers

TCP chimney offload OIDS

TCP chimney offload status indications